10 Impossible Video Game Achievements That Cost You 100%

You were THIS close.

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Since the launch of the Xbox 360, so many years ago back in 2005, achievement hunters have become somewhat of a dying breed.

Now, don’t let the vocal minority of us who claim that getting every ending in Sekiro was worth it, or that quickly rushing through Resident Evil 2 last month to get to the gun shop and reclaim our completion wasn’t a complete waste of time.

No, achievement hunters are a prideful people and in this article we’ll be discussing the ten achievements which cost us our completion, our platinum trophy, our 100%.

Bear in mind, though, we’re not looking for the hardest, most intense, ridiculous achievements out there.

You won’t see Ghost Recon, you won’t be seeing Guitar Hero or Cloudberry Kingdom and you also won’t be seeing any Soulsborne games.

Why? Because, although these games are difficulty overall or through a specific achievement, we’re here to showcase games that seem doable, until you come across that one achievement that ruins everything.

10. Tomb Raider (2013) - True Commitment

Dead rising
Crystal Dynamics

Speaking of ruining everything, we’ll start with a horrendous grind that had no reason to be in amongst an otherwise chill game. Tomb Raider wasn’t hard, it wasn’t annoying, the collectibles weren't the biggest pain and overall, it was a nice reboot to the series that has sparked a beautiful trilogy, each game building off the last.

Though, if you ever went for this achievement, you'll likely only remember two things about the first instalment of the reboot: Lara almost constantly dying, and carrying medical supplies online.

Yet, there’s one achievement in Tomb Raider that will stop most people in their tracks after they see just how slow multiplayer levelling can be. True Commitment requires players to reach level 60, fair simple, really.

However, now factor in the issue of this being a Tomb Raider game, meaning, the online aspect of the game was dead in the water, let alone half a decade later.

It’s an unwarranted slog in an unnecessary mode, and if you want your final achievement, you better get ready to grind private multiplayer lobbies... by yourself.

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