10 Impossible Video Game Achievements That Totally Broke You

But you had to try, right?

Gears of war 3

A reason to devote hours towards earning an achievement or trophy may not exist (outside of personal pride), but when a game isn’t challenging enough, such goals are there to test players. At times, it can be quite fun to adopt them as a sort of unofficial secondary objective.

Then there are the nasty ones. The kind that demand the player to waste hours upon hours of their precious time to perform some of the most irritating and exhausting objectives possible.

Even triple-A games are no exception. The developers don’t just want you to buy and enjoy their game, they want you to live, sleep and breathe it. Friends, family, relationships, job - throw them out of the window, because they will only weigh you down.

Racking up an abundance of kills, melee weapon only-runs, no-damage game completions - expect only the most relentless, unforgiving ones to appear in this list of near-impossible achievements in gaming.

Are there any others worthy of a place in the list? Did you defy all logic and chance to bag any of these? Share your stories in the comments below!

10. “Nothing Special” - Left 4 Dead

Gears of war 3

While it did appear as an all-out, action-packed, zombie-massacre based on first impressions, Left 4 Dead is undoubtedly a survival horror experience. A bloody tense one at that.

Cooperation is the key to victory here - especially so, if you want to earn this tough-as-nails achievement. While completing all the campaigns on the hardest difficulty is a tough enough job, “Nothing Special” is the hardest achievement to unlock (DLC-achievements aside) as it requires no characters take any damage across an entire campaign.

Only 2.5% of players on Steam have this.

The common infected aren’t too much of a nuisance; a quick spray from your weapons will sort these swarms out. The Witches don’t count here, so you can intrude their sob fest and get sliced up without worrying that you’ll lose out on the reward.

However, when Hunters start pouncing from afar, Smokers on the rooftops drag you away while you’re alone, and Boomers rush in for a suicide bomb, you know it’s gonna be a long five-level campaign.


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