10 IMPOSSIBLE Video Game Boss Fights (You Can Totally Beat)

"Have to die to progress the story"? We'll see about that.


The ancient art of video game tomfoolery knows no bounds. Since the early days of the first arcade releases, developers have been coming up with ways to screw with their unsuspecting players.

Quite often, this comes in the form of an unbeatable boss fight - a totally hopeless situation, usually right at the start of the game, where the under-levelled and under-experienced player is faced with a fight they simply cannot (and should not) win.

But what if you could?

Managing to pull off the impossible and defeat an enemy that the whole world tells you is unbeatable is an incredible feat, and deserves to be celebrated.

Gone are the days of lamenting over the game’s setup, demanding you fail in order to proceed. Middle finger to you, invincible boss, this time we've come prepared with 30 hours of mind-numbingly tedious grinding, countless consumables and powerful weapons, and it’s time for payback.


Don’t give up on these impossible boss fights so soon, my friends, because even though something seems impossible, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish when you put your mind to it - provided it doesn’t break the game, of course.


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