10 Impossible Video Games Bosses You Totally Underestimated

Assuming I'm just a tutorial boss was your first mistake. Your second was not grinding enough.


We all know what it's like to be leisurely making our way through a game, having a good time, before suddenly encountering something so difficult that you get stuck for days - something so aggravatingly impossible that it's a miracle that your controllers have weathered your rage for this long.

Maybe there have been a few difficulty spikes here or there, but nothing too crazy. Or maybe it's so early in the game that you aren't even expecting a real challenge for at least a few more hours. Maybe the boss just looks dumb.

Or maybe the developers are just sadists, delighting in the knowledge of the mass suffering they've deviously engineered. Or maybe, just maybe, you're supposed to lose this fight? You know... for the story?


Honestly, the reason for your pain doesn't matter. It's here now, in the form of a boss who constantly stun-locks, regenerates health, or is just so insanely and pointlessly difficult that it drives you to insanity. And you just have to face it. Probably with a walkthrough. Or just lots and lots of grinding.

Regardless, nothing prepares you for the first time these brutal bosses will put you in your place.

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