10 Impossible Video Games Utterly Destroyed By Speedrunners

9. Minecraft

dark souls speedrun

Minecraft is not necessarily packed with the same infuriating controls or purposefully-difficult interactions as other titles in this list; however, there are still a number of factors that can make it a tough game to finish, especially when speedrunning.

Because of the procedurally generated terrain loading with every world, it's impossible for players to map out a consistent strategy that they can learn and rehearse each time. Instead, runners have to bank on getting lucky with a spawn and learn how to optimise with the resources they've been given.

As a sandbox title, most casual players aren't in a hurry to get to the end credits and some still have never even ventured to the End before, but, it's possible to get from nothing to besting the Ender Dragon in about five hours or so depending on the seed.

But, for speedrunners, this is obviously far, far too long. The Mojang title is currently the second-most active game on Speedrun.com, with the world record for the Minecraft: Java Edition Any% Glitchless category coming from American runner doogile, who set a time of 8:43.927 in November 2022.

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