10 Incredible Details You Missed In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

9. Lightroots Are Named After Their Corresponding Shrines

Tears of the Kingdom Legend of Zelda

It has become common knowledge now that Hyrule shares something with Stranger Things' Hawkins, as it has its own version of the Upside Down. The dreaded Depths are a full-on reversed land, with Lightroot placed directly beneath Shrines on the surface world.

Now, while this has been discussed to death, there's another detail about these connecting planes that many missed despite it hiding in plain sight. You see, the Lightroot's names are the reversed version of their Shrine counterparts.

Here are some examples: Kisinona Shrine in Elden Canyon is located above the Anonisik Lightroot, Utsushok in Tabantha Region is mirrored by Kohsustu, and Yamiyo in Hyrule Field meets with Oyimay in the Depths.

Every single Shrine and Lightroot does this, furthering the bizarre and eerie connection between the surface world and the land below.

Some might say this was an easy way to double up naming everything; after all, this way, you'd only need to come up with one name, and you've got both covered. But conjuring up a good name that works both ways doesn't sound like a walk in the park.


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