10 Incredible Games That Make TERRIBLE First Impressions

You need to play this game, it gets so good about ten hours in!

Starfield get good

It's common knowledge that first impressions are important. Whether you're going to a job interview, starting a stand-up routine, meeting your partner's family, or anything else, you've got to make sure you start off on the right foot; otherwise, you're going to struggle. This isn't just a human problem, as entertainment also suffers from it, and gaming is no exception.

Many people like gaming because it's a way to escape from their mundane lives and enjoy something out of the ordinary. As such, it can be easy to give up on a game that doesn't engage you right away, as no one wants to spend their free time doing something they don't find fun.

While most video games try to quickly lure you in and keep you playing, there are some that, through an array of choices, throw a big hurdle your way right off the bat.

Whether it's an incredibly difficult tutorial, a slow start, a controversial story choice, or simply poor design, these games do not give players the right idea, turning many away. This is a shame, as all these games are worth your time, so long as you can make it through their terrible first impressions.

10. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Starfield get good

Trust Hideo Kojima to avoid giving players an easy time.

The latest mainline Metal Gear Solid game is a critically appraised, highly complex, profoundly satisfying instalment in the already iconic franchise. It really is one of the best MGS experiences a fan can have, especially thanks to its open-world approach and upgraded stealth gameplay. Yet, you'd never know that in the first hour as, by God, it takes its time to get going.

Do you want to go on missions, tackling enemies in increasingly unique ways with massive layers of freedom? Well, too bad because you've got to crawl through this hospital while an overabundance of scripted moments happens around you first.

Long-term MGS fans will be more than willing to sit through this horrid opening, knowing that the game will eventually pick up, but this slow-burn intro no doubt alienates anyone new to the series.

If you push through, things don't just get good; they get great. But, when you're slow crawling through a hospital behind a guy and his semi-exposed butt, escaping a strange fire-man with no clue what's going on, the thought of when the game gets good isn't the first thing going through your head.


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