10 Incredible Nintendo Switch Games You Need To Stop Ignoring

9. Runner 3

Choice Provisions

From a distance, the Runner series seems like it's just a quirky side-scroller. But if you dive in and take the time to play these wildly imaginative games, you'll find they are well-polished, challenging titles that demand precision from players. Much like the Rayman series, it's easy to pick up and play immediately, but it's considerably challenging to master every level.

There are varied enemy types spread throughout, along with hazards that go beyond just spikes and long, empty gaps. You navigate a variety of creative areas, while practicing exact timing, and try your best to not let the environment distract you too much (that hectic image above nearly captures the amount of stuff going on in every level).

This is all complemented by a lovely and peaceful soundtrack by Matthew Harwood as well. It's a soundtrack that never overpowers what you're doing and is only intent on maintaining that particular Runner atmosphere.

It's relaxing, engaging, and it looks like a three-dimensional Beatles acid trip.


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