10 Incredible Star Wars Video Games That Desperately Deserve Sequels

EA resurrected Battlefront, so who's to say they won't continue these old gems?

Over the years the Star Wars licence has accumulated an impressive library of video games, all harboured by the developers at LucasArts for a little over 20 years until their untimely dissolution at the hands of Disney in 2013. In their final 'rocky' years, countless opportunities to create sequels to their best remembered releases were never seized upon, with the publisher instead electing to pursue titles pretty much no one was interested in, including but not limited to Star Wars: Kinect andThe Force Unleashed II. Ignoring the fact that things were starting to look up again with the stellar demo of 1313, it would be fair to say that the company's demise can at least be partly ascribed to their inability to foster and renew their strongest IPs. Among some of the most lamentable of the company's cancellations included sequels to Republic Commando, Jedi Knight, and Knights of the Old Republic - all of which would've enjoyed a strong reception in both the critical and commercial sense. Whilst there seems to be no hope of any of these titles getting resurrected at this current moment in time, DICE's reboot of the Battlefront franchise as well as the remasters that accompanied the exclusive Darth Vader-themed PS4 would seem to indicate that EA have some sort of interest in old IPs. Whether or not that means we'll be seeing sequels or reboots to these titles is anyone's guess, but at least we can all be sure that they deserve them.

10. Rogue Squadron

Factor5's Star Wars debut has remained one of the pillars of the medium's best adored releases in the franchise, and even though the initial release would go onto spawn numerous sequels, the IP was cut short way too soon. Whilst we may have Battlefront to satisfy our X-Wing needs for the time being, no developer has really quite mastered the feeling of piloting Star Wars' best loved machines like Factor5 did. Multiple releases were planned but were unjustifiably cancelled, even after the studio had completed half of one title (planned to release on the X-Box 360) and completed another entirely. (an abandoned 2008 WII release) A new Rogue Squadron game would look absolutely immense on current-gen consoles, and would also benefit from an entirely new continuity to mould the experiences of Rogue Squadron once again. Plus, who wouldn't love to see a Force Awakens-inspired sequel to the series with Poe Dameron at the helm?
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