10 Incredible Things We Learned From Gamescom

Call of Duty Ghosts

As the public descends upon Gamescom today to devour everything revealed to us yesterday, we're left to pore over the wake of announcements from Sony, Microsoft and EA's press conferences and what they mean for the console war moving ahead. Though there weren't any game-changing announcements on the scale of Sony's trashing of Microsoft at E3, we received much clarity about the launch prerogatives for both the Xbox One and PS4, with each offering up some enticing incentives to choose their platform. Perhaps most conspicuous by its absence, however, is a release date for the Xbox One; given that we now know when the PS4 will be launching, perhaps this is a tactical move by Microsoft to ensure that they date their console ahead of Sony's launch. Whatever the reasoning, here are 10 awesome things we learned from Gamescom...

10. Gran Turismo 6 Set For December 6th

Gran Turismo 6 Sony kicked off its Gamescom press conference yesterday in explosive fashion by announcing that the much-anticipated Gran Turismo 6 will be hitting stores worldwide on December 6th of this year for PS3. While, true to form, Polyphony didn't show off any actual gameplay footage - instead opting for a glossy rendered video - at least we now have a seemingly solid date set for the game which, considering the infuriating number of delays that preceded Gran Turismo 5, is hopefully a sign that it will be a far tighter ship this time around. Still, am I the only one who can't get too hyped about GT6? Aside from the fact that the last game disappointed in a few key areas, it seems like such a cop-out to release the game on PS3 a mere week after we will all be busy toying with our PS4s. Though no doubt a tactical move to secure more sales, it's pretty lazy and unambitious.

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