10 Incredible Video Game Moments Created By Accident

10. "How About A Kiss...?" - Zelda: Faces Of Evil


Although this moment was intentional and very definitely a part of the game's story, Phillips and Animation Magic could not have known just how infamous and utterly reviled it would become in the years that followed.

When the Zelda franchise was licensed to Phillips for a series of CDi games, fans were treated to something truly horrific.

Awful graphics, terrible gameplay, ludicrous storylines and - worst of all - voice acting scraped from the very bottom of the barrel - all more than justify Nintendo's decision to completely erase these titles from the official Zelda canon.

Then there's Link.

We've had "Toon Link", "Deku Link", and "Wolf Link" over the years, but for the CDI games we got "Petulant Sex-Pest Link".

This giggling idiot - who must have taken a massive blow to the head at some point - can be seen pestering Princess Zelda for a kiss, and then covering his ridiculous, snickering face when she spurns his creepy advances.

Not to get into anything too heavy, but that's just not cool, Link... not cool at all.

Now, as famous as the trainwreck titles from which it was spawned, this moment (among a fair few others, frankly) is definitely incredible, but for all the wrong reasons.

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