10 Incredible Video Games That Were Awful At Launch

9. Rainbow Six: Siege

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What constitutes value for money? Length? Best in class visuals? Replayability? There's no objective answer; everyone is looking for something different (within reason) when they make a purchase, but there is a bare minimum expected of a product when dropping full price on a big budget title.

Similarly to Street Fighter V's sorry launch state, Rainbow Six: Siege, despite its limitless potential for tactical and social play, missed the mark entirely when it hit retail in 2015. Despite the simple but infinitely replayable gameplay at its core, the absence of options on how to approach its central hostage rescue mode left a bitter taste in the mouths of rookie Operators.

New characters and gadgets have all been forthcoming within subsequent years, rolled out as either a one-time cost annual pass unlocking everything, or obtainable passively for free through play. Maps remain free and Ubisoft says its committed to supporting Siege for at least a decade.

Concerns regarding the introduction of loot boxes and price hikes aside, there's no reason Ubisoft can't achieve that goal.


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