10 Incredibly Cheap Video Game Moves (That You Totally Used All The Time)

Ready! Eddy? NO!


As true as the sky is blue, the grass is green, and the earth is round (it is, before you write in), gamers are, when it comes down to it, a load of bastards. You can spend thousands of hours carefully crafting an intricate digital playground full of thousands of creative possibilities, only for single-minded padsters worrying over such dangerous terms as 'maximum efficiency' to come in and completely break it. If it's possible to overcome all of a title's challenges with a single highly-effective, albeit tedious, method, then you can guarantee players will forego everything else, and do just that.

If this spills over into multiplayer, you've got an argument on your hands, between those who consider themselves to be 'playing the game properly', and those who just want to win at all costs. It's for this reason the word 'Oddjob' is mud amongst frustrated Goldeneye fans, and why developers must work tirelessly to get the balance of their games just right.

They don't always hit peak equilibrium, however. These exploits are cheaper than a hot dog with no mustard, but we used them anyway. Because we could.

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