10 Incredibly Underrated Video Games From Landmark Developers

From Software released SO many great games before Dark Souls.

From Software

For the most part, the world of video games doesn't really have individual directors whose movies you regularly look forward to like you would a new Christopher Nolan or Quentin Tarantino flick.

There are a few exceptions of course, and Hideo Kojima's name no doubt sprang to mind after reading that sentence, but for the most part it's entire game studios which occupy the same role as directors in movies, either becoming known for a certain franchise or style of gaming experience, or for their creative risks and gripping storytelling.

As a result, names like Rockstar, Naughty Dog and From Software hold the same clout as Hitchcock, Kubrick and Scorsese, and established their reputation as legends of the industry through beloved properties that fans keep returning to.

However, while they often become synonymous with their most popular products, there are plenty of overlooked games from these industry giants that deserve to be remembered just as much.


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