10 Infamous Video Game Scandals

4. Mass Effect's Interspecies "Sex Scene"

Mass Effect 3, a relatively artful sci-fi video game that didn't exactly revel in graphic violence or gratuitous language, was an unexpected target of Fox News upon release, who described it as an "alien sex simulator", which to anyone who has actually played the game is, of course, absolutely ridiculous. Mass Effect is a sci-fi action adventure that, if you really put your back into it, allows Shepard to have a relationship with Liara, resulting in a scene of implied sex, but nothing graphic whatsoever is shown. It must've been a slow news day at Fox, because they peddled out psychologist Cooper Lawrence who, by her own admission, had never played the game, but was keen to rip it to shreds anyway. The outcome was that Fox publically embarrassed themselves and laid their terrible journalistic standards bare, while Lawrence had a fleet of gamers head to Amazon and start giving all of her self-help books negative reviews. A modicum of justice, I suppose.
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