10 Infuriating Video Game Boss Battles That Made You Rage Quit

Rage Quit (verb): The act of turning off or quitting a game entirely due to anger.

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Anyone who has spent any time playing video games knows they have an innate ability to get under your skin from time to time. It could be broken mechanics, shoddy level design or that nine-year-old kid who won't stop screaming into his mic because he keeps getting killed on Call of Duty.

There's another route some games may take to get you, ahem, 'heated': Boss battles. Some are designed to be hard, but others seem like they were thrown in for no other reason than to punish gamers and truly test your patience.

A lot of factors can go into a hair-pulling, fist-clenching and teeth-grinding boss battle. Maybe it's a change in gameplay mechanics, like Ares from God of War that forces you to use a sword and moves you hadn't been using the entire game. It could be a steep incline in difficulty that comes from getting to one of those big bads you had been journeying toward the whole game. It could even be your sheer incapability of grasping what the game wants you to do.

The list goes on and on.

Now, rage quitting a game doesn't mean quitting forever, although it's certainly happened. These are the bosses that have resulted in controllers thrown, consoles hastily turned off and certain games being put in time-out.


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