10 Infuriating Video Game Bosses NOBODY Beat First Time - Commenters' Edition

Which boss battles had you crawling back for round two?

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Everybody remembers that one boss who - both for yourself and your character in-game - is your nemesis.

Some deceive you with their disproportionate power-to-size ratio; others, meanwhile look and every bit as deadly as they are. And whichever the case, there's no way your first encounter with them has you walking away with their head.

Our original video put ten of these persistent baddies in the spotlight. However, as everyone has their own individual approaches to gaming, there were always going to be more candidates for this list.

Whether a test of speed, stamina, muscle memory or mind power, countless video game bosses have put players through the wringer on their first try. As it happens, a lot of these have generated quite the notoriety in the gaming community, their difficulty proving a source of constant irritation for those who experience their strength.

And so, based on the comments from the last list, here are another ten bosses that you definitely didn't beat the first time around.

Let it be noted, too, that this list isn't necessarily ranked in order of difficulty; rather, how many of you pointed out these individual entries in the comments.

10. Whitney - Pokémon Gold & Silver Versions (1999)

Witcher 3 dettlaff
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The gruelling battle against this vexingly twee character is the ultimate lesson in not judging books by their covers.

Up until Pokémon Gold and Silver, normal-type Pokémon were seen as a bit lacklustre. When pitted against monsters that can breathe fire and turn their bodies into literal bombs, what chance could they possibly have stood? Fans soon shut up when they were forced to go head-to-head with the Goldenrod City gym leader, Whitney.

Or, more accurately, her Miltank.

Her last and most powerful Pokémon, Miltank is maddeningly hard to beat; not because of its stats or a particularly high level, but because of a repeating attack pattern that makes it almost untouchable.

Nine times out of ten, it'll either use Rollout, which goes on for five turns with double the power each time; or it'll use its signature move, Milk Drink, which almost always heals it back to full health.

The fight is a sheer endurance test, and if you picked the fire-type Cyndaquil as your starter Pokémon, that Rollout is almost certainly going to be your downfall the first time around. To beat this crafty gym leader, you really need to start thinking about using your team wisely, and not just rely on brute force to get you through.

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