10 Insane Hidden Connections Between Video Games

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Shared universes are all the rage these days. You can hardly move without seeing that this film is connected to this one or all of these superheroes exist within the same timeline and so on.

But given how ubiquitous the idea has become within popular culture, it's still amazing just how many shared universes there are that most people don't seem to know about, and trust us when we say that video games are chock full of the things.

There are certainly the obvious ones such as Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong, or Doom and Wolfenstein, but what about the more subtle connections that seem to pass most people by?

Well, that's the subject of this list, as we're taking a deep dive into the insane hidden connections that some of your favourite games may share. For clarification, this is not a simple easter egg or nod, it must be something that firmly establishes that both of these properties exist within the same universe, such as shared characters, locations or outright references to events that occur.

Simple name-drops or tongue-in-cheek references do not apply, so with that, let's dive on in!

10. Hitman - Kane And Lynch

gta 5 red dead redemption
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Given that both these titles are set in the real world, and revolve around cold-blooded killers, it shouldn't come as any surprise that both the Hitman and Kane & Lynch series take place within the same world.

Dating as far back as Hitman: Blood Money, the first indication that the scumbag killers also occupy the same locale as Agent 47 comes in the form of a newspaper article that mentions that the pair have escaped prison and are on the run, which of course would lead to the events of their first game.

And whilst that could be seen as a throwaway easter egg, the connection is then firmly established in Hitman: Absolution where both Kane and Lynch can be spotted during the firing range level. With Lynch stood firing a shotgun at a target, whilst Kane can be found chilling over by the jukebox in the bar area.

And if you're so inclined, it's possible for Agent 47 to kill the pair of them, so if you too had suffered through either of their games, you can at least feel some level of catharsis for what you had to endure.

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