10 Insane Video Game Marketing Campaigns That Actually Happened

The things people will do to sell a video game.


Part of the excitement for a video game is the slow burn by the marketing machine all the way up to release date. Marketing campaigns are incredibly important in order to sell a game and luckily, there are more and more campaigns every year that push the creative envelope and amuse every gamer whilst generating the buzz a gaming studio wants.

Good marketing campaigns can come in all shapes and sizes. Some campaigns were unconventional and groundbreaking, like Halo 2's 'I Love Bees' alternative reality game campaign. Some advertisements were short and sweet, like Robin William's declaration of love for Zelda. There's also Call of Duty's shtick of having well-known celebrities act in their explosion and bullet-filled advertisements. 

And then there are just smart marketing moves that piggy-back on a competitor's misfortunes whilst shining a light on themselves, like how the PS4 utterly humiliated the X-box One during their E3 announcements in 2013. 

But whenever a good idea comes around, there's usually a terrible idea waiting just around the corner. For every Halo alternative reality game that exists, there is a marketing campaign or advertisement that make you think 'what the hell were they thinking?' And it's those ones that tend to be the most intriguing...

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