10 Insanely Difficult Bronze PlayStation Trophies That Cost You 100%

F**k Titanfall 2's time trials.

In the pursuit of video game excellence it's nice to have some proof of how great you are, enter trophies and achievements.

Of course, not every trophy is made equally and somewhere along the line a bronze trophy, which is supposed to be fairly trivial to obtain, becomes a huge pain in the butt.

Whether because the requirements for it are obscure, overly challenging, or excessively time consuming, you deserved a lot more than the crappiest trophy PlayStation has to offer if you obtained any of these.


10. Social Lubricant - Watch Dogs

WATCH dogs social lubricant

Our first entry for a tried, tested, and tormenting Platinum Killer is the Social Lubricant trophy from Watch Dogs.

You’ll have a pretty smooth time with the other silver and bronze trophies if you’ve nailed the fundamentals of Watch Dogs’ mechanics which makes this bitchy little minigame all the more frustrating. To achieve the trophy you’ll need to unlock and complete all 10 levels of the drinking game in each bar. Like all trophies that revolve around minigames, I really hope you’re enjoying the minigame itself otherwise you’re in for a real bad time. And enjoying the minigame is pretty much impossible here because it full on sucks. The mini game requires you to navigate to the button icons and then click the corresponding icons once they come into focus or keep your joysticks in the allocated positions, depending on the match up.

As you can imagine this becomes harder as you get more drunk, your controls invert, time limits are tighter, and the tedium well and truly sets in.

All I can say for this minigame is that it’s not fun, it’s not a good test of your skills in relation to the rest of the game at all, and there’s a reason it was eventually patched to be easier.

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