10 Insanely Difficult Video Game Bosses That Weren't Worth The Pain

9. Ser Cauthrien - Dragon Age: Origins

Dark Souls 3 Nameless king

During the fight at the Arl of Denerim's Estate, Ser Cautherien is slow, but supremely strong. Her hits don't just do massive amounts of damage, but knock you back as well, making recovery slow and defence almost non-existent. However, what makes this fight even more difficult is her entourage of archers, firing away from all sides, stunning you and your allies with seemingly every arrow.

In truth, the only real way to win this battle is to have enough stamina and HP to survive the initial onslaught (at least level 19) and hope she and her lackies kill all your team mates before they get their hands on you.

If you're lucky, you'll only be stunned once or twice while running into one of the adjacent rooms. This allows you to fight her away from the rain of arrows, giving you breathing room to defend and attack as you normally would.

Honestly, unless you're super determined, just surrender or die when you encounter this battle. It's not worth the heartache, is the only battle in the game where you're allowed to lose without a game over anyway, and all you get for winning is her crappy sword.


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