10 Insulting Video Game Achievements That 'Reward' You For Sucking

The gaming equivalent of the "you tried" gold star.

La Noire

The beauty of video games is that anybody can play them. It doesn't matter whether you're competing in tournaments for millions or simply mashing the same buttons on easy mode over and over to get to the next bit of the story, most releases are designed to be as accessible as possible in order to make sure everyone is included in the fun.

That said, the old-school mentality of games being something that you "beat" has never really gone away. Whether it's the challenge posed by From Software or simply the additional, elite side-objectives in Metal Gear Solid V, there's still a sense of satisfaction some games pride themselves on when it comes to making players learn from their mistakes and get good.

Other games, however, go one step further. These titles don't simply make challenges a part of their gameplay, but actively mock you for not being good enough. Usually, achievements or trophies are used as a reward to signify someone's progression, but these cheeky scamps used the system to add insult to injury, and kick players while they were down.

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LA Noire
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