10 Most Intense Video Game Franchise Rivalries

Try not immediately picking a side for each one of these.

The gaming world is overflowing with trolls and fanboys. We just can't help ourselves, viciously flaming one another over the most trivial issues - which in case you hadn't heard, your favourite game/console/character/developer is crap, and you're an for thinking otherwise. The bottom line is that once we've chosen a side there isn't much that can change our minds. Fierce competition between game franchises for example, has had us in the midst of an all-out war since the dawn of the industry. We can really only commit our time (and money) to one good football game or one incredible online shooter at a time, so it makes sense that developers fight tooth and nail to make sure that their product is the genre leader. And this, in turn, leads to a hellish battle for market supremacy. Sometimes its the blatantly derivative cousin of a popular game which steals ideas and reaps the rewards, others a massive franchise facing off against a young upstart underdog. Often these competing franchises are split along the console divide, fanning the flames of fanboy wars to ridiculous levels. Occasionally these two titles can co-exist in the gaming space, but in other cases one becomes the dominating force within its genre while the other scampers off with its tail between its legs. Is it a silly thing to argue about? Probably, but that's never stopped us before. When you're passionate about something, tempers are bound to flare. But this article is not about raising pulses or laying bait for the trolls, it's simply a look back at the epic battles which have burned a hot streak through the industry over the years. Many of you will have strong feelings either way regarding these gaming face-offs, but that's the point. If you feel we've missed any vital feuds, or if we've stepped on any toes along the way, let's hear about it in the comments below.
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