10 Intimidating Video Game Characters We're Glad Were On Our Side!

Assassins, monsters, and one very angry mother.


Generally in a game, the most intimidating characters tend to be your opponents. This isn't because video games are trying to call you a nerd or anything - it's because beating up enemies who don't feel threatening just isn't as satisfying as those who genuinely put some fear in your heart.

But this isn't always the case, as there are also plenty of times when the most intimidating figures in the whole game are actually your allies. When done right, this can actually only up the stakes, because if your incredibly scary buddies are struggling with your enemies, then they clearly pose a very real threat.

And no two intimidating allies are ever quite the same. While many go the route of just being... incredibly visually terrifying, plenty more look unthreatening but prove unsettling in their fighting prowess or sheer desire for violence and bloodshed. It's almost inspirational, really, as it shows everyone has the same capacity for being ferociously intimidating, if they only put their heart into it.

You could say with friends like these, who needs enemies - but a more accurate saying would be with friends like these, why haven't all your enemies already run away?

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