10 Items In Video Games That Trolled You

The best weapon in the game... if you can keep hold of it.

Of course, by-and-large, video games are experiences designed to entertain you from start to finish but that doesn’t mean developers can’t have a little fun at your expense in the middle there.

No matter the genre, franchise, or quality of the game in question, it’s not always a given that every ability, item, or piece of gear you pick up will necessarily be useful. While this is often because you’ve hit a point in your game where you’re over levelled or perhaps said item is just a bit crap to begin with, sometimes it’s another story, and that story is you getting trolled. Whether due to a total lack of utility, misleading urban legends, or just something the devs thought would be funny, if you picked up any of these items you may as well have saved yourself the time and not bothered.

Although the team who created them certainly got a kick out of your misfortune.


10. The Devil Axe - Fire Emblem Series

fire emblem devil axe

Initially introduced in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light, The Devil Axe is high-risk, high-reward. In fact, it’s so high-risk, high-reward, you could argue it’s basically trolling you.

While the stopping power of this thing compared to other axes in the game is formidable, it also features a pretty considerable drawback which is that there’s a chance it’ll backfire and unleash damage on you instead of your opponent. You can mitigate this chance with a decent luck stat but it’s still going to be a dice roll as to whether you doll out some pain on yourself or somebody else. The backfire rate varies with every entry in the Fire Emblem series but there’s always a risk.

It’s a bit of fun if you like a high-stakes gamble, but if you’re risk-averse, this trolly axe is probably not worth it.


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