10 Last Minutes Changes Made In The Legend Of Zelda Series

What if the Legend of Zelda had aliens?


The Legend of Zelda is one of the most celebrated and consistent video game sagas of all time. Because the standards for the series are so high, Nintendo take painstaking measures to try and make each game top the last one. The Legend of Zelda franchise is so meticulously crafted, you would assumed the company has each entry planned out from the get-go. And nothing could be further from the truth.

Some of the most definable traits in the series were concocted on the fly in the eleventh hour of development. These changes could be the insertion of a character, the removal of a mechanic, or the plot in general. If you had to compare each game's core concept with the finished product, you would swear you weren't even talking about the same game.

Would you believe that entire levels were cut from Wind Waker? Could you picture Breath of the Wild's story originally revolved around aliens and flying saucers? Did you know the controls of Twilight Princess had to be completely changed months before its release?

The only thing crazier than these changes was how Nintendo made the decision to tweak, insert, or remove elements in these games at the last moment.


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