10 Least Intimidating Video Game Bosses (Who Kicked Your Ass)

9. Sly Cooper - Clockwerk

Sucker Punch

It seems like everyday Twitter is full of the cute, fuzzy fluff balls known as raccoons. The insurgence of love for what were once seen as pests is a drastic change.

Sly Cooper was a mascot for the PlayStation 2 in an age when said animals were scolded for the nature of hunting trash. Sly was different though, he only stole from the wealthy in a Robin Hood style for all ages.

The first game present a wonderfully presented adventure, with a beautiful cel shaded art style to boot. It was neither challenging or offensive - until the final boss.

Clockwerk is the antagonist and while you would be right in thinking a final boss fight should be challenging, the cute art aesthetic that was oozing from the game like a water art painting, led to a false sense of security.

In a nutshell, Clockwerk was tough. The boss battle in question also changed the gameplay mechanics that you had grown used to at this point, in favour for its own niche twist.

You’re tasked to jet pack around a lava pit, with devastating laser blasts and fire seeking to meet your end. It’s a hard enough battle as it is, and having to learn a new control system only adds to the amount of times you’ll meet your fiery end.

Once you’ve pushed past that gauntlet of fire and brimstone, then you’re back to the games signature platforming and attacks. But by this point, you’ll have have been melted by plasma beams and lava so many times, you’ll be begging for it to end!

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