10 Legendary Video Game Plot Twists - Ranked From Dumb To Genius

Not all twists are created equal.

Bioshock Would You Kindly?
2K Games

Like any other stories, video games have been known to include many twists and turns over the years. Some are quite small and minor, while others change the entire complexion of the game. Likewise, some of these twists are amazing, and some are completely stupid.

Obviously, there are more than ten twists across gaming. These ten aren’t the ten worst, nor the ten best, but ten of the most talked about. Some are quite recent, while some have been around for ages and are still remembered.

Those gathered at the bottom of the list are pretty dumb, either in that they don’t make much sense, serve much purpose or just generally left a bad taste in the mouth. Ones nearer the top had a huge impact on players, and still stand the test of time. Those entires in the middle? They’re basically a mix of the two. Powerful at the time but make less and less sense the more you squint at them.

Obviously some twists, both good and bad, will have missed the cut here, but these are some of the most water cooler twists gaming has ever known.

10. Detroit: Become Human - Alice

Bioshock Would You Kindly?
Sony Interactive Entertainment

Alice! Alice! Alice is an android!

See, nobody cares.

This twist comes late on in Detroit: Become Human, by which point any power it might once have had has been thoroughly robbed. One of the three main protagonists in the game is Kara, a housekeeping android who rebels against her programming to run away with Alice, when she sees Alice’s father abusing her.

Through Kara’s motherly story (and to an extent those of Connor and Marcus), we start to connect with the androids and see them as living creatures. We’re already full of empathy for them, so finding out that Alice is one adds absolutely nothing.

It arguably adds a little more background to Todd’s story, but right now you’re probably asking yourself ‘who is Todd again?’. It’s Alice’s ‘father’, by the way. They wink at foreshadowing it, but not with any real depth or point to it.

Detroit: Become Human is probably David Cage’s most narratively tight game, but this twist is the probably the silliest he’s ever included. It’s just all very limp, with no real purpose.

It doesn’t spring a sudden 180 twist on the players, but it’s still incredibly dumb.

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