10 Limited Edition Gaming Consoles That Make Your Wallets Weep

Great pieces of design that will run you up a pretty penny.

One of the greatest things about a game console is that it€™s fixed piece of hardware that will play any game designed for it just as well as any other model. With that in mind, it might initially seem counter-productive for hardware manufacturers to offer special, €˜limited edition€™ versions of consoles. Of course, it€™s not just what€™s inside a console that matters. Limited Edition consoles offer stylised versions of the classic design, often to commemorate a major anniversary, or important game release. These special consoles will usually only be made in very limited quantities, and are often only available to competition winners or raffle entrants. Naturally, these special limited edition consoles come at a price. Even when first released, they can go for hundreds more than their standard counterparts (or require consumers to jump through a number of hoops before even being able to buy it.) Many of these limited edition consoles hold their value remarkable well, often auctioning for many times their original value years later. This gallery takes a look at ten great limited edition consoles that left us with burning holes in our wallets. From one-of-a-kind consoles laden with real gold, to great designs that were far more accessible to the general public, each of these limited edition consoles will make you wish you did have more money than sense.

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