10 Little-Known Video Game Stories That Will Change Your Life

All Games Rated E: not for 'everyone' but for 'emotional turmoil'


Stories have the power to affect us in strange and powerful ways across all forms of media. This is particularly true for video games, as players may spends tens or hundreds of hours invested in their favourite worlds and characters.

Video games can also enhance these affects by masterfully integrating visuals and soundtrack to complement or enhance the plot in order to create a fully immersive and mesmerising experience. This may result in a story which refuses to release players until the final credits roll.

However, there is such an influx of games released every year, that it is possible for some truly magnificent stories to fall through the cracks. Depending on the developer's intentions though, these games still hold the power to make a player jump for joy, stare in disbelief at their screen, or even shed a tear. Some may inspire all of these emotions in the span of a single playthrough.

Everyone experiences game differently, but whilst their genres and mechanics may vary, all of the following games share a common trait. They all create and successfully execute their extensively well-plotted and thought-provoking storylines.

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