10 Longest Boss Battles In Gaming History

You'll need DAYS of spare time for these encounters.

Final Fantasy 12 Yiazmat
Square Enix

There are few feelings as good as finally knocking off that last tick of health from a particularly tough boss. Especially if that boss took you a couple of tries.

Or a couple of hours. Or days.

There are brutally hard bosses and there are bosses that just take forever to finally fell, no matter how much you’ve levelled your hero or party to get to this point. This is a massive fight, after all, sometimes the final fight, so it certainly shouldn’t be easy.

But should it take so long you have to ensure you won’t need a toilet break over the course of three hours? You let me know after I run you through this traumatic trip down memory lane.


10. Nyx Avatar - Persona 3

Persona 3 Nyx Avatar

Heading us off, the Persona series delivered a fight that demands you battle through fourteen phases against a boss whose final form can even reflect damage. Also it’s very creepy.

Persona players won’t be strangers to a bit of necessary grinding but this brutally tough battle has plenty of tricks up its sleeve that will have you begging for its hour-plus duration to come to a quicker close. Persona 3’s final boss Nyx Avatar has a final form special attack that is also capable of charming one of your party members into healing it to full health, so that’s going to stretch things out even further. If it doesn’t kill you first. Its method of attack also changes with every new phase.

Some players report having a max level party that cleaned up this fight, some players report a ninety minute battle they lost to repeated enemy heals and a rage quit. Let me know which one you were in the comments.


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