10 Major Plot Holes EASILY Answered In Their Video Games

Look a little closer and everything makes sense.

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Once spotted, a plot hole can ruin a narrative for a lot of people. Some people can't watch Lord of the Rings the same way once they see there are giant eagles that could have flown Frodo and Sam most of the way.

Video game narratives have the advantage of allowing a gamer to explore their entire world, meaning if a point isn't expressed in dialogue or the main thread, there are many chances to add an explanation somewhere else.

It could be an off-comment from a character outside a cutscene, an audio log that holds important details the game really should have informed you of, or looking into the lore of a world will answer your burning fallacy elsewhere.

The internet allows misinformation to spread like wildfire, and most of these so-called errors are well known and believed. However, many players might not understand that even the most famous "plot holes" are explained away in the very games being scrutinised.

These games do answer the mistakes people spot, they just don't particularly hold your hand while explaining things.

10. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - No One Identified That Makarov Lead The Airport Attack?

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Modern Warfare 2's controversial No Russian mission is not only polarising due to the player performing a terrorist attack, but also because many have pointed out a glaring issue that threatens to collapse the entire narrative with a plot hole.

Makarov's goal is to make Russia believe the attack in the airport is done by Americans, and he reminds his comrades not to speak any Russian so as not to arouse suspicion. He then kills the lone American in his team so they find the body of a U.S. citizen that supports the notion America performed the attack.

The problem that arises is that Makarov is already a very well known Russian terrorist during the events of the game, and he does the attack entirely without his face covered. The fact the Russian government would instantly blame the attack on America and start World War 3 when Makarov is the one doing it seems completely far-fetched.

The answer to this is fairly simple: In Makarov's safe house you can find a newspaper clipping that explains the Russian government knew and accepted that Makarov carried out the attack. What they placed blame on was the U.S. supplying Makarov with the arms he needed, believing America helped him plan it.


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