10 Manipulative Gaming Tactics You Fall For Every Time

8. Graphics And Misleading Trailers

Star Wars Battlefront season pass

It's not about the graphics; as long as the gameplay is great, that's all that matters. Not anymore. If a game doesn't run at 60fps in 4K and look ultra-realistic, then we don't wanna play it. What the hell happened to us?

We've always been attracted to the promise of flashy graphics. While the Atari 2600 might not look amazing right now it blew people's minds back in the day. Now we've got games that are nearly photo-realistic. We've almost come to a certain level of expectation when it comes to the way the games look. If they don't look good when they're first debuted, odds are that we're not going to give it the time of day.

Too often game companies are debuting incredible trailers for games, such as Killzone 2 and Watch Dogs, which are sure to dazzle us with amazing graphics. Then, it looks downgraded graphically once we get our hands on the game. The most typical excuse is that the hardware of the existing consoles cannot handle the visual level. So, why show us a trailer claiming to use real footage of the game? To hype us up and trick us into purchasing that game.

At least Marvel's Spider-Man was fantastic, good puddles or not.

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