10 Massive PlayStation Secrets We ALL Missed

Show of hands - who else thought the light bar was pointless?


It's hard to remember a time when the PlayStation wasn't one of the dominating forces on the console market. Right alongside the Xbox and whatever name Nintendo has come up with this time, the PlayStation has been at the forefront of gaming for about the better part of two decades.

So obviously there's going to be some secrets that both the games, and the console, have been hiding along the way.

Whether it's something as simple as the start-up screen or some console-exclusive goodies, the PlayStation has its fair share of hidden wonders just waiting for players to find, and quite honestly we all missed some of Sony's best work.

That simply cannot do. So what better way to celebrate the consoles and their incredible achievements than a deep dive through the finest secrets Sony has to offer, especially when they're so well hidden?

Buckle up, things are about to get nostalgic, scary, and just a little bit informative.

10. She's Behind You - P.T

Kojima, you son of a bitch, you've done it again.

In one of gaming's greatest tragedies, P.T was meant to be the next step in horror games, the reinvention of the Silent Hill brand, and the evolution of a genre long thought dead.

So that meant pretty much everybody who thought of themselves as game fans simply had to play P.T, and almost nobody understood it, in fact most of us still don't.

Perhaps the most terrifying thing that has just recently been discovered is the fact that the games resident ghost lady Lisa was previously thought of to pop up sometimes, just when it was right to scare the player into oblivion and then disappear back into the ether whence she came.

However with some nice little camera hacks players recently discovered that not only does she not do that, she's actually been *right behind you the entire time*

Yes, when the player turns their camera usually there's nothing there but empty space, but when the camera isn't facing the corridor the terrifying Lisa is constantly behind you, making noises and waiting to spook you just when the time is right.

Even years later this damned demo is still terrifying.

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