10 Mini-Games In Yakuza 0 You Must Try

Some strange, some quirky, and some really offensive...

Yakuza 0

Released for Western audiences almost two years after it came out in Japan, Yakuza 0 is a prequel to the cult series, set in 1988. While the story, the fights, and the violence are serious, the game also has its lighter side in the form of numerous side-quests and mini-games.

These sorts of diversions are the bread-and-butter of any self-respecting sandbox game - which Yakuza 0 decidedly is. Naturally, then, it has more than its fair share.

Some of them are fun or out of character, others are really strange, and a few outright offensive. Going through the 40-hour gameplay, you only get a notion of them, but these mini-games definitely validate taking a departure from the main story.

Want to know which are most worthy of your time? Read on!

10. Watching Real-Life Ladies

Yakuza 0

Let's get right to the 18+ stuff, shall we? This might not be a mini-game per sé, but a rather interesting 'experience' offered by the game.

Throughout Yakuza 0, you can collect cards of real-life women. Reminiscent of Pokémon trading cards, they appear on your screen, at first creating nothing more than confusion. But you can actually watch real videos of these women in the game.

Your character is sitting alone in a small room, in front of the TV set, watching a beautiful lady in a bikini or a costume catering to the camera, all set to sensual music. What's more, he is doing that with a box of tissues and an ashtray... go figure.

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