10 Mistakes The Developers Accidentally Left In Your Favourite Video Games

Dammit, Allan.

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The amount of effort that gets put into your average game really does go unnoticed. Whilst we see behind-the-scenes 'Making Of' documentaries for movies and interviews with authors or musicians, gaming's most creative minds are usually left to watch the limelight from the shadows.

Such things are changing with the likes of Sean Murray getting out there on Colbert and ex-Bioshock visionary Ken Levine slowly transitioning his craft to Hollywood, but still, something like the latest Call of Duty only comes together thanks to the work of a few hundred extremely talented individuals.

That said, with the sheer amount of personnel all being corralled under one vision, it's very easy for all sorts of tiny elements to evade notice. After all, how do you test every last part of something as labyrinthine as The Witcher 3 or Fallout 4?

We love you, game developers, and hopefully it's not too painful to laugh about the following mistakes that were accidentally left in some of your most high-profile releases...


10. "Wait A Minute, Lemme Do That One Again" - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

It must be an absolute nightmare getting the tens of thousands of lines of dialogue in line for something like an Elder Scrolls game. In fact, it's testament to the mighty Bethesda that the likes of the above didn't happen in more of their games.

Sadly though, if you know where to look - and the clip has since been immortalised online and above - here you can find a voice actor requesting another take, yet that's the version that made it into the game.

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