10 More Brutally Difficult First-Person Shooter Levels In Video Game History

7. Hand Of The Prophet - BioShock Infinite

Wolfenstein II The New Colossus
2K Games

Despite being a modern shooter BioShock Infinite is a surprisingly difficult title: enemies are both accurate and highly aggressive and the game has no qualms about throwing genuinely deadly heavy-hitters at you long before you would reasonably expect. The upside is that when you get to the finale you’re a seasoned pro.

The downside is that the game knows this.

Set on Father Comstock’s flagship, the Hand of the Prophet, the punishment starts early. Players must transition from one gunship to another, fighting tough, hard-hitting enemies on confined decks bereft of cover. Inside the flagship a close-quarters fight with the melee-specialist Handyman - the most dangerous of the game’s mini-bosses – awaits. Then, it's onto the upper deck and into the true heart of chaos: a wave defence segment against large numbers of enemies escorted by artillery-lobbing zeppelins where you must defend not only yourself but the flagship’s energy source as well.

It is a gruelling test of skill and endurance, where players must make expert use of every item drop, every piece of cover, every reality-warping Tear and the big f*ck-off murder machine that is Songbird, to survive. Succeed, however, and you’re treated to one of the most mind-blowing endings in gaming.

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