10 MORE Cult Classic Video Games That Deserve A Remake

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Video game remakes have become one of the most popular trends in the industry. From Resident Evil 4 to Dead Space, publishers have taken old favorites and rebuilt them for a new generation of players to experience. And who can blame them as the combination of IP recognition and an established fanbase turn these titles into a money-making machine.

But while it's been great seeing these classics receive new life, there are other video games that deserve this treatment as well. These are the ones that received mixed reviews, did not sell well, or even both but, with time, have become cult classics. Despite their limited success during their initial release, they have since gained study fan followings, proving that all works of art get their due eventually.

And since the gaming industry has been releasing remakes left and right, it's time to do the same for some of the most underrated video games out there. These titles are not the obvious picks, but the remake treatment could finally get them the wider recognition they deserve.

10. The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

Jade Empire
Vivendi Universal Games

The Incredible Hulk is an IP ripe for successful video games. With his brute strength and near indestructible physique, the character has the potential to have a great title due to the incredible feats he is capable of.

And in 2005, The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction was proof of the hero's promise in the gaming industry and showed players how fun the Green Goliath could play. Taking cues from the highly successful Spider-Man 2 game, developers Radical Entertainment put the title character in an open-world environment.

A big standout from Ultimate Destruction was the character's move set which all came from the comics. The Hulk could use cars and lampposts as makeshift weapons while at the same time, perform variations of smashing attacks. And despite being a PS2 era title, players could commit all kinds of destruction from wrecking vehicles to even levelling buildings down to the ground.

With gameplay like that, you can see why an Ultimate Destruction remake is such an interesting prospect. Taking the game's environmental destruction would surely be a visual spectacle on modern consoles while refining the Hulk's already impressive move set.


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