10 MORE Hardest Video Game Bosses That Required Incredible Skill

You need skills to get these kills.

Street fighter 5

Overcoming a challenging boss battle is probably one of the most satisfying achievements you can find in a video game. As the gigantic big bad slams to the ground for the final time, it's almost impossible not to feel that rush of elation, especially when it's been a foe that's fried you and your party for hours - or even days - previously.

These types of encounters become standout moments of their respective runtimes, where you weren't able to just hack and slash all your way through and come out the other side with new loot. Oh no, here you'd have to be on the top of your game and have honed all of your skills in order to achieve victory.

So gear up, grind those stats and make sure you don't have anywhere to be in the next few hours or so, because these bosses will push you beyond your breaking point and demand utter perfection.


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10. Lu Bu - Dynasty Warriors 3

Street fighter 5
Koei Tecmo

Just. Please. Don't mess with Lu Bu.

The guys an absolute psychopath and across the Dynasty Warriors series, he's established himself as the toughest son of a Red Hare ever to step foot in China. Said to posses the strength of twenty men and stand head and shoulders above even the tallest opponents, Lu Bu is what legends say legends are made of.

And Koei Tecmo did a fantastic job of making the player truly fear the mighty Lu Bu in both cut scenes that showed him smashing apart soldiers, defending himself against other generals with ease, and of course whenever the player came toe to pointed toe with him, because Lu Bu would absolutely crush you nine times out of ten.

On normal difficulties alone he could kill you in one or two hits, and because he can't be stunned, this meant that he could and very much would, swing through your own attacks. Beating him required not only top level weapons and stats, but careful timing and baiting.

He's been a persistent thorn in players sides for years now, and there looks to be no signs of slowing down the "Flying General".


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