10 MORE Harsh Ways Video Games Punish You For Rage Quitting

Don't be a dunce.

Grand Theft Auto Online Dunce
Rockstar Games

No matter how calm your temperament might be, we're all guilty of a gaming rage quit every now and then, be it fleeting anger at an opponent's inexplicable comeback, or getting decisively stomped in your fifth consecutive FIFA match.

Players taking their ball and going home are so common in online multiplayer games that many devs have come up with their own novel solutions to combat them, whether ruthlessly efficient or brilliantly creative.

Though the primary goal is typically to provide a smoother experience for those gamers playing by the rules, the best way to do this is often to de-incentivise rage quitting through punishments for the offending lot.

Pretty much any popular game is sure to be rife with this behaviour if left unchecked - just check out the recent Apex Legends debacle - and while it's impossible to ever fully stamp it out, there are certainly clever ways to minimise the disruption to everyone else.

You have to feel sorry for those poor souls genuinely suffering through connection issues, but in order to provide a quality experience to as many players as possible, these measures were absolutely necessary...


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