10 MORE Horror Video Game Fates Worse Than Death

Horror really knows how to make death look easy.


Death, horror, and video games, can you name a more iconic trio?

The stereotype of video games being overly violent and grotesque is mostly an exaggerated piece of fear-mongering. But, the one place where it might hold some weight is in the horror genre. It's a gaming subsection that really delves into the nitty gritty of fear, depravity, and, of course, death. 

However, if you think dying in bloody massacres is the worst thing that can happen to someone in a horror game, then, boy howdy, you haven't played enough of them. 

Death may be the ultimate end for many, but in some cases, it looks like a lovely picnic. Characters in horror games, whether they be NPCs or player-operated, have to constantly watch out for this, as horrendous fates exist around every corner. 

The following 10 examples are some of the most nightmare-inducing fates ever seen in gaming. They'll make you look at the Grim Reaper and say, "Yes, please." 

This list will contain major spoilers for every entry discussed. If you feel anything was missing, check out the original list here

10. Infected By A Parasite - Scorn

Kepler Interactive

Almost every H.R. Giger painting looks like someone is suffering a fate worse than death. As such, it's no surprise that this game, which turns the whole Giger style into a living, breathing world, makes it onto the list. Still, while there are many awful fates in Scorn, the ending stands apart as the most horrific.  

Throughout the game, you play as a nameless protagonist traversing a bizarre techno-biological landscape. As if the gooey setting wasn't bad enough, you also have to constantly battle against the player-character from Act 1, who has become a stalking parasite. Even after you've rid yourself of it, it's still a looming threat. 

Towards the end of the game, you are inches away from making it through a strange looking portal when this parasite returns. It assimilates with you, keeping you stuck in place and feeding on you with the salvation you'll now never reach mere meters away.  

Scorn is mired in ambiguity. But, one thing that is clear is how you'd be better off dead than stuck in this position. 

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