10 More Secret Video Game Shortcuts You DEFINITELY Missed

Silent Hill's boss dies if you don't have any ammo to fight.

Silent hill

Video games are generally straightforward. Whether it's getting to a goal or killing an enemy, the objectives given are simple enough for the player to understand.

But a crafty gamer can go beyond what is expected and discover secret shortcuts. As the name implies, they shorten the game's length and are used in events such as speedruns and difficult scenarios.

Though some are hidden by developers, others have been created by skilled players themselves. Examples include alternate paths that skip entire segments, glitches that allow you to pass through areas, and even hidden dialogue that can trigger special cutscenes.

Bottom line: Video game shortcuts reward you for the hours spent playing, and the effort it takes to accomplish them.

Keep in mind that there is no wrong way of playing these titles. Though the traditional way of playing is the simplest, these tricks can be helpful in tight situations. And while some call it cheating, shortcuts are inside these video games for a reason and so players are free to use these at their disposal.

10. Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) - Silver's Ball Puzzle

Silent hill

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) is the video game that derailed the popular franchise. Many have talked about the title and suffice to say, it does live up to its reputation. One of the new additions to the game was Silver the Hedgehog who came from a post-apocalyptic future. His primary gameplay gimmick was his telekinetic powers which he used to lift objects and destroy enemies.

While this sounds neat in concept, Sonic 06 was released in an unfinished state and because of this, the physics can be wonky.

A notorious example is during the level, Dusty Desert, where Silver has to solve several puzzles by telekinetically pushing balls into the right hole. The problem here is that these objects are hard to control due to the game's technical issues. This can be very frustrating for players as the last segment involves completing a challenging puzzle to unlock the door to the end room.

Thankfully, because the game is broken... you can break it some more.

Crafty players can skip this area entirely by lifting metal boxes and placing them near the locked door. Using Silver's hover ability, he can then stand on top of these boxes and lift himself past the edge of the door to clip through the level geometry. By exploiting this tactic, you'll finish the level without even breaking a sweat.


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