10 More Video Game Secrets That Were A Waste Of Time

Stealth camouflage... AFTER I've beat the game??

metal gear solid 4

Video games are unlike other another medium in that it's not just about the beginning, middle and end.

Movies and books can have a great story but they certainly can't offer additional modes or unlockable items that change the experience. In fact, it would be pretty weird if they could.

As such, gaming is sometimes at it's best when it revels in what sets it apart and there's nothing quite like the video game secret. Whether it's stumbling onto something by chance or unlocking a mysterious reward, these little nuggets of joy are incentives for players to keep on playing. Firstly to get their hands on them and then after the fact when you truly make use of them.

The best gaming secrets can be extraordinary, offering new weapons and abilities that change the way you play. This list does not contain any of those.

Unfortunately, not every secret is necessarily worth your while, from disappointing unlockables to equipment that comes way too late to matter. They say "time is money" and, if so, these games bankrupt us with secrets that were not worth an ounce of the investment players put in.

10. Lizardman - Soulcalibur II

metal gear solid 4

Secret unlockables are the bread and butter of fighting games and the Soulcalibur series is no stranger to that. Soulcalibur II had a few bonus characters, one of which was Lizardman, based on a similar fighter from the first game.

You’d think it would be cruel to mark a fighting game character down as a "waste of time" but Lizardman is as close as you can get. Firstly, you can’t view his command list like other characters for some reason, despite the fact he had appeared in the previous game, thus making him harder to master. Moreover, Lizardman isn’t even usable in most of the game’s modes which makes him not all that appealing a character to get good with anyway.

It’s a tough road to beat all of the Weapon Master challenges and unlock Lizardman at the end, one that many Soulcalibur II players gave up on on the way… and they didn’t really miss out on much because of it.

It’s likely that Lizardman was a late addition to the game but if you can’t make a character function fully then why bother at all? The character is a shadow of his former appearance in the original Soulcalibur. Thankfully, he would be redeemed in Soulcalibur III but this only serves to reiterate how disappointing this appearance truly is.


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