10 More Video Game Villains Hiding In Plain Sight

The best video game bad guys that slipped right under your nose.

Video Game Villains Hiding Skyrim Markarth Cannibals

If there's one thing people love, it's a good baddie - and thankfully video games have plenty of them.

Villains give us a window into the darker sides of life, coming in all shapes and sizes, utilising their imposing strength, incredible intellect or undeniable charms to see their plans carried through.

Heck, sometimes it is even their sheer willingness to dive into the depraved that is enough for them to get the last laugh on a hero.

However, sometimes these villains can be more apparent than others. There are those who do their scheming out in the open, whilst others prefer to have their escapades hidden in the shadows.

But, what happens when a baddie is able to keep their true intentions sealed away by sticking close and even assisting a player in a video game? Here are some more examples of the best video game villains who were hiding in plain sight the whole time.

10. Atlas - BioShock

Video Game Villains Hiding Skyrim Markarth Cannibals

BioShock's Rapture is one of the most iconic failed utopias in gaming history, with players forced to battle all manner of genetically modified and deformed villains. It's a game that doesn't offer many friends, which makes the reveal that one of the chief allies players pick up is actually a villain stand out as especially gut-punching.

Throughout BioShock, Atlas is presented as Andrew Ryan's biggest opponent and aids players in getting to him. It is only when players get in front of Ryan that he reveals Atlas' true identity.

After hinting that Atlas' "would you kindly" catchphrase is a psychic command to make players do his bidding, Ryan is killed by players. Atlas then comes onto the radio to tell them that his real name is Frank Fontaine and that he has indeed been manipulating them this whole time. With his rival now disposed of, Fontaine is free to run Rapture.

Charismatic, deceitful, and with a master plan of domination and destruction? We should have seen it coming.

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