10 More Video Games That Punished You For Trying To Be Cool

These games just weren't having it.

Dishonored Emily

Video games are all about escapism and doing things that you're either physically unable or legally prevented from doing in reality.

It is a medium centered around power fantasies, where more than anything else, everyone gets to play the cool, badass hero who saves the world, right?

But not all games have quite the same interest in merely patting the player on the back and indulging their base desires. Every so often, a game will instead challenge the player's rather egocentric desire to be the powerful, charming rogue at the center of the story.

These 10 games all dared to push back against the player and their expectation that any cool thing they thought they could do would be allowed unchallenged.

Instead, these games laughed at your attempts to be slick, in turn delivering a humiliating punishment which surely brought you down a few pegs.

In some cases it roused a wink-wink laugh, while in others it left players genuinely irritated that the game - something supposed to be at least a little bit relaxing - was so aggressively taking the piss out of them...

10. Try Avoiding Kidnapping In A Plane & Get Caught Anyway - Far Cry 5

Dishonored Emily

The kidnapping mechanic in Far Cry 5 sure is annoying, right?

Periodically throughout the game, players will be ambushed by Jacob Seed's cultists known as The Chosen, who will shoot them with a tranq dart. When the player wakes up, they'll need to find a way to escape.

It's fine the first and maybe second instance it happens, but once you're repeating this nonsense for the fifth or sixth time, it's exasperating.

And so players have understandably attempted to find creative ways to avoid taking a dart in the leg, like encasing themselves in something that the Capture Party's dart simply can't penetrate.

Some players figured that if they were in a plane at the time, there was no freakin' way the dart would be able to hit them, right?


Even if you're in the air, your screen will still go blurry and you'll wake up kidnapped, having been inexplicably tranquilised while inside a moving tin can thousands of feet in the sky. Absolutely ridiculous.

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