10 Most Absurd Lawsuits In Video Game History

6. No Doubt Vs. Activision

Lindsay Lohan Rockstar

The case: Another inane lawsuit involving a spat between a music artist and Activision, only this time, the point of contention involved the former's dissatisfaction with their portrayal in Band Hero. The Gwen Stefani-fronted act No Doubt took Activision to court after it discovered that avatars of its members could perform songs other than its own, a feature not outlined in the contract it signed.

Activision responded by countersuing, stating that it was "publically known" that avatars could be used in this fashion, essentially running with the rebuttal that No Doubt should have done its research before signing away its members' digital likeness.

The outcome: Mere weeks before the trial was due to commence, a settlement between Activision and the band was reached. Given that the 'offending' content in question remained in-game as is, Gwen and Co. likely received a tidy sum from Activision.

Funny how swiftly some extra cash can change minds, isn't it?

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