10 Most Absurd Lawsuits In Video Game History

5. Tim Langdell Vs. The Games Industry

EA Games

The case: Edge Games founder and CEO Tim Langdell, intent on monopolising the use of the word 'edge' in video games, bit off more than he could chew in 2007 when he decided that getting into a legal debate with EA over its use of the word in Mirror's Edge was a winnable crusade.

Bear in mind that this was after Langdell had already managed to have popular iOS game Edge removed from Apple's store and the reason why Soul Edge had to be renamed as Soul Calibur in the West.

Not petty at all, then.

The outcome: In October 2010, four months after Landell filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against EA, a settlement was reached, resulting in Edge Games surrendering several trademarks containing the word.

Following the result, EA spokesman Jeff Brown said that "while this seems like a small issue for EA we think that filing the complaint is the right thing to do for the developer community."

Well fancy that, EA has a heart after all.

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