10 Most Annoying Video Game Characters Ever

3. The Dog (Duck Hunt)

Nobody likes to be mocked when things do not go their way, least of all by man€™s best friend. This infamous, annoying little cur really took liberties in Duck Hunt, sniggering to himself like Muttley when you missed a shot. It didn€™t matter whether you had previously hit one duck or fifty: this guy would judge you for it. As everyone reading this will know, the most annoying thing about him was the reason he could laugh at you, when you were holding a rifle, in the first place: he cannot be killed. More than anything, most people, tired of the dog€™s consistent derision, dearly wanted to blow him into the middle of next week and make him into dog food, but alas, it was not to be (at least until later VS arcade releases). Aside from those, we have to endure his sniggering face at every missed shot.
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