10 Most Annoying Video Game Enemies Of The Last Decade

Grating goons and Annoying animals.

Far Cry Primal Honey Badger

As soon as you pick up your digital daggers or unsheath your pixelated pike to do battle with the great evils of the world, as a video game player you must accept the following: your journey will likely be very difficult and filled with peril, and that you'll likely be slogging your way through countless enemies in order to get to your goal.

Now, most heroes eat regular goons for breakfast. For example, Batman swats thugs away as if they were but flies. However, there are moments when enemies will stop playing by the rules and absolutely have your life over and over. Whereas most enemies we're almost eager to fight because we know how badly we'll spank them, the ten on this list?

Well, they make us want to duck down behind the hill and pray they didn't see us. From devastating wildlife to never-ending boss battles, there are some enemies that really make a statement to the player, and that statement is "f**k you".

10. Dark Elves - God Of War

Far Cry Primal Honey Badger

It actually makes me feel a little dirty to speak negatively of the PS4's phenomenal God of War, especially when it genuinely moved me to tears come the close of its epic narrative. However, I would be remiss to say that the game was "perfect", thanks in part to some of the enemies you encounter along the way.

For the most part, the giants, brutes and evil horrors you face are fun to split in two with your axe, but the Dark Elves as a whole can just get in the bin as there are SO MANY OF THEM. Swarming the player at every given chance, any fight against them is turned into a slog when yet more of them hover up from out of nowhere thanks to a Summoner calling in reinforcements.

Add into the mix that some of them can blind you, and others can leap up into the air away from you, and you have an opponent that takes ages to get the better of as you're only ever able to chip away at them as they dart about. Still, that does make any executions that much more satisfying at the end.


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