10 Most Annoying Video Game Levels Ever Made

9. Through The Fire And Flames (Guitar Hero III)

Crash 4

This one isn't just annoying - it's downright painful.

At the very end of Guitar Hero III's single-player mode, the player is greeted to a 7-minute-and-22-second onslaught of near-constant chaos - Dragonforce's "Through the Fire and Flames". Thankfully, the first time you have to play it, you can't fail, as it's played during the credits. But every subsequent time...oh boy, get ready for hand cramps.

The very moment this song begins, the player is hit with a torrent of notes that no human being could reasonably process without months of practice. And it barely slows down from there, only offering a few brief glimpses of breathing room before another gigantic salvo of notes comes crawling down.

What makes this level (if you can call it that) especially annoying is its aforementioned length of 7 minutes and 22 seconds.

At any given moment in the song, from the opening to the final string of uber-fast hammer-ons and pull-offs, you can reasonably expect to fail. Imagine playing for seven full minutes, only to fail in the last moments of the song. Worse yet, imagine failing on parts that you've already conquered in previous attempts, because that'll assuredly happen as well.

Honestly, it would take you less time to learn how to play an actual guitar than it would take you to learn how to pass this song. It is simply brutal.


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